Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes the processing of personal data in the Conlog Group. The privacy policy explains what personal data is collected, used, and shared by Conlog Oy, the purposes for which the data is collected, and the rights of the data subjects. The data subjects may include customers of Conlog Oy, the representatives of customer companies or potential customers, the representatives of suppliers, other cooperating parties and business partners, or visitors to the website.

Name of the controller
Conlog Oy
Business ID: 2029239–7

Ahmasjärventie 2–4
FI-91300 Ylikiiminki, Finland

Contact person for register-related matters
Juha Moisio
Telephone: + 358 40 7516 363
Email: juha.moisio(a)

Name of the register
Personal contact information register of Conlog Oy

Purpose of the processing of personal data
The personal data included in the register is used by Conlog Oy for invoicing, communication with customers, marketing activities, and provision of information.

Data contents of the register
Contact information pertaining to contacts.

Regular sources of data
The information provided personally by a contact, the information submitted by sales personnel during sales and demonstration events, and the data collected automatically by an online service that supports analysis.

Regular disclosure or transfer of data outside EU or EEA
Data is not disclosed outside of Conlog Oy.

Data protection principles
The data included in the register is located on a secure server compliant with the Finnish Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications and access to the data is restricted using user IDs granted by the main user.

Right of access to data
Each person who has provided data for the register has the right to review the data pertaining to them stored in the register. The request to access data is emailed to the email address of the contact person.

Right to rectification of data
Each person who has provided data for the register has the right to review the data pertaining to them stored in the register and demand rectification to said data. The request to rectify data is emailed to the email address of the contact person.

Other rights pertaining to personal data processing
A data subject has the right to prohibit the controller from processing any data pertaining to them for the purposes of direct advertising, remote sales, or other forms of direct marketing as well as market research and opinion surveys. If a data subject wishes to prohibit such activities, they can do so by contacting the controller by email.

Processing of personal data
Conlog has made a commitment to protecting the privacy and personal data of the visitors to the website under the privacy legislation in force at each time. We do not collect data pertaining to visitors that could be used to identify individual users.

General statistics on the use of the website is collected and used to develop the online services further. This data includes:

• Accessed pages
• Default language
• Time of visit to the website
• Identifier for the visit to the website
• IP address
• Web browser and operating system
• Type of device (computer, tablet, or mobile device)

We only store contact and other information specifically provided by the users themselves, which we may use to respond to contact requests, questions, and other feedback from the user.

Social extensions
The website includes links and connections to third party website and social extensions (such as a connection to LinkedIn). The third-party plugins maintained by third parties that are included on the website are downloaded from the dedicated servers of such services. The website does not send visitor information through social extensions.

The terms and conditions of the third parties shall apply to the services offered by third parties and applications supplied by third parties that are included on the website.

Cookies are used on the website.
Cookies are small text files that are stored onto your computer. Cookies do not contain personal data. We use cookies to ensure that our website works optimally and to collect statistics on the use of the website. We use this data to develop the features, user experience, and contents of the website further.

Cookies are divided into two categories: persistent and non-persistent (session management cookies). Non-persistent cookies are stored onto the device temporarily and deleted as the browser session is concluded. Persistent cookies are stored onto the device in the longer-term, and in some case permanently. The use of persistent cookies allows us to see whether you are returning to our website and to store your settings and preferred pages. Session management cookies can be used to improve the usability of the website. Session management cookies are deleted as the browser session is concluded.
If you wish, you can configure your browser to block cookies.

Third party cookies: Third party (Google Analytics) cookies used or allowed by us are used to monitor the website’s network traffic. Similarly to our own cookies, the third-party cookies do not collect personal data.

Statistics pertaining to the use of the website are collected into the Google Analytics service, which is used for the purposes of website monitoring, development, and planning of marketing. The collected data cannot be used to identify the data of an individual user or person.